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Cervix Cancer

About Cervix Cancer

Cervix Cancer is one of the most common malignancy in Indian women. In the rural cancer registry of Barshi and the cancer registries of Banglore, Bhopal, Chennai it is the commonest malignancy in female. Cervix is the opening of uterus into the upper part of Vagina. Squamocolumnar junction is located on the cervix and as it is a transition zone it is most susceptible to malignant process.


Screening of Carcinoma Cervix

Screening of Carcinoma Cervix is possible with the help of PAP smear. This is a simple technique in which cells are collected from the cervical canal and nearby area of cervix and are examined under microscope. If there are any suspicious changes then further investigations are required. PAP smear examination should begin at age 18 years or with the beginning of sexual activity whichever is first. Once a woman is diagnosed with Carcinoma Cervix she is required to undergo further tests:-

  1. Routine blood investigationsn.

  2. X-ray chest.

  3. CECT abdomen & pelvis.

  4. Thorough clinical examination (Examination under anesthesia).

  5. Cystoscopy or colposcopy (if required).



  1. HPV infection.

  2. Giving birth to many children.

  3. Having many sexual partners.

  4. Having first sexual intercourse at a young age.

  5. Smoking cigarettes.

  6. Oral contraceptive use.

  7. Weakened immune system

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